Sponsorship Program

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Family Reunification through Sponsorship

Navigate family reunions in Canada seamlessly with expert guidance in sponsorship applications and our Family Class Sponsorship programs.

Discover the warmth of family reunions in Canada with the expert assistance of Small World Immigration. Let us guide you through the process of filing sponsorship applications and navigating our Family Class Sponsorship programs. In the embrace of Canada’s diverse and welcoming arms, citizens and permanent residents find a pathway to unite with their loved ones on Canadian soil. Small World Immigration is here to facilitate the joyous reunion, making the process seamless for you. Your journey towards familial togetherness in Canada starts with us.

Sponsorship for Family Reunification with Small World Immigration

Empower your relatives to live, study, and work in Canada by becoming permanent residents. As an eligible sponsor, you, being at least 18 years old and a Canadian citizen, or a permanent resident of Canada, can bring certain relatives to join you.

Sponsorship Opportunities:

• Spouse Sponsorship: Reunite with your spouse in Canada.

• Conjugal Partner: Extend sponsorship to your conjugal partner.

• Common Law Partner: Sponsor your committed partner.

• Dependent Children: Bring your dependent children to Canada.

• Parents and Grandparents: Sponsor your parents & grandparents to join you.

Ready to unite your family in Canada?

File a sponsorship application with the Canadian immigration authorities and explore various programs tailored for Canadian citizens and permanent residents. Let us guide you through the process, making family reunification a reality.